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Welcome to Makedas travel. Our mission is to provide high quality transport and tour organization services.
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About Us

Welcome to Makedas Travel.

About Us

Everything started when we first visited the beautiful island of Santorini for our holidays. This wild beauty has by far exceeded our expectations and has seriously contributed to our decision to leave everything behind and move to the island.

As genuine visitors, we used to ask the locals which are the most important places we should not omit to visit during our holidays there.

As a result, we decided to rent a car and explore every single corner of Santorini, since we love the not-so-touristic places. More and more hidden places would appear in front of our eyes, a reality which made us feel excited. We were simply impressed!

We needed a whole week in order to fully explore this amazing island. During this week ,which was full of surprises for us, many new ideas would come into our minds. Then, there were serious talks, endless arguments between us with a lot of questions.

However, after such a creative discussion we reached to a conclusion…!

Our Mission

Our goal would be to create a very well organised service that would provide visitors with vacation planning, consulting and organizing trips just like the first we did in Santorini..

Such as tours, excursions, suggestions for a romantic dinner with an amazing sunset view, cruices round the island, wine tasting & wine tour at the best wineries, food in traditional restaurants to a helicopter ride in order to enjoy the view from above.

Today, we are more than happy since we have achieved our primary goal, by creating exactly what we had visioned during our first holidays in Santorini.


We provide shuttle or private transportation from/to airport, from/to port for small or big groups. Our professional drivers are ready to give you the best service and safely drive you to your destination.


We have created alternative tours in order to provide visitors a detailed,really fascinating experience and adventurous activities of Santorini island. You will 'taste' amazing Santorini.


Are you planning to get married in Santorini? Arranging a wedding can be stressful... Let us take care of airport arrivals scheduling, as well as the transportation of the whole event.


We will provide you with all the information of available alternative activities and things to do in Santorini. Boat trips, scuba diving, accommodation, rent a car, daily cruises, wine tasting etc

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