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Scuba Diving

santorini scuba diving
10 Mar

Scuba Diving

Thinking about scuba diving in volcanic areas?

For professional divers or those looking to try out the adventure that is diving for the first time, Santorini is the destination of choice. This piece of heaven in Greece is the perfect spot to enjoy the adventures of diving or to get started as a diver.

And it is not so difficult to understand why.

Also known as Thera in the classics, this island seats pretty in the southern Aegean Sea with its breathtaking landscape, majestic traditional white cave houses hanging on the cliffs, astonishing sunsets by the sea makes Santorini one of the most visited locations today.

That’s not all

Santorini has other amazing things to offer…

5 reasons why you should try scuba diving in Santorini

The water condition is awesome!

With an average visibility of 40m, the clear blue waters make for beautiful Instagram photo shots. That with the fact that the current here is mild means diving is as enjoyable as a breeze!

Volcanic Scene

Whoever says that diving can be boring hasn’t experienced diving through the volcanic active caldera that characterizes the waters of Santorini. Get your focus ready and be blown by the awe-inspiring volcanic step formations that distinguish this spot from any other you’ve ever dived in.

Beginners Confidence

Together with the warm crispy weather, the water conditions in Santorini is the perfect place to make your debut diving. The mild current, clear waters, and breathtaking underwater view means it is a recipe for the moment of a lifetime. What it implies is that you can’t ask of a better destination for taking your Open Water Diver License than in Santorini.

Underwater fun heaven

Thanks to its unique and varied underwater features of the Caldera including a ship wreck, experienced divers find it interesting, intriguing, and exciting. This provides divers with a range of options for an enjoyable fun dive. With lots of exciting possibilities such as: deep dives, wall diving, wreck diving, cave diving and so on, what else would you ask for?

Find your lost ‘Atlantis’

Many explorers visit the waters of Santorini yearly in search of Atlantis. This means you have an opportunity to be part of them. Why not get your “explorer game on” and try discovering the lost city? One thing is guaranteed: no matter the outcome, you’ll be submerged in a thrilling world of fun….

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