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Olive Oil Culinary
Experience Private Tour

Duration: 4 Hours

The Olive Oil Experience is a one-of-a-kind culinary journey that offers visitors an authentic taste of Santorini’s earthy essence. With a focus on the production process of olive oil, this tour takes guests through the various stages of creating high-quality olive oil, providing them with a deeper appreciation for the tradition and artistry involved.

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The Olive Oil Culinary Experience Private Tour is a personalized and exclusive journey that offers a deep dive into the world of olive oil production in Santorini. With the guidance of expert local guides, guests will have the opportunity to learn about the intricate process of creating high-quality olive oil and sample different varieties of this essential ingredient in Greek cuisine. The tour provides a unique insight into the cultural and culinary traditions of Santorini, offering an unforgettable experience that combines stunning views of the island’s natural beauty with a rich exploration of its gastronomic heritage. The Olive Oil Culinary Experience Private Tour promises to be an immersive and unforgettable adventure for any food and culture lover.

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Akrotiri was a Cycladic Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini (Thera). The settlement was destroyed in the Theran eruption sometime in the 16th century BC[1] and buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of fine frescoes and many objects and artworks. Akrotiri has been excavated since 1967 after earlier excavations on Santorini

Olive Oil Experience (Part 1)

This carefully designed private tour will include a series of exercises that cover various aspects of olive oil, including its different types, its benefits for human health, how to distinguish between high-quality and defective olive oil, and common myths and truths about it. Start by learning the technical skills required for olive oil tasting, which are essential for categorizing it. Then explore the main defects that can be found in olive oil, the importance of extra virgin olive oil in Mediterranean cuisine, and its health benefits.

Olive Oil Experience (Part 2)

Debunk some common myths and truths about olive oil and then move on to the highlight of the program - tasting seven different varieties of olive oil from all over Greece. Sample these oils with a degustation menu consisting of seven dishes, using fresh ingredients straight from restaurant's garden. The menu will include a range of options, such as fresh fish and meat of the day, along with other delicacies that may vary according to your preferences and dietary requirements. As we explore each of the seven different olive oil varieties, we will also share the stories of the producers behind them. By the end of this experience, you will have developed a new appreciation for the rich world of olive oil and its many flavors and aromas.

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