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Helicopter Tour

santorini helicopter tour
12 Mar

Helicopter Tour

A private Santorini helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With its unique geology and landmarks, Santorini is surely one of the best places for a Helicopter ‘drive’.

On the Santorini helicopter tour, soar above one of the world’s most famous islands and take it all in from a bird’s eye perspective.

Enjoy the dramatic boundaries between the spectacular cliffs, the white, black, and fiery red beaches, and the twinkling emerald sea beyond.

As soon as you lift off into the skies, you’ll be blessed with incredible views of dramatic scenery that’s been formed over thousands of years, set alongside Santorini’s picture-perfect sugar-white villages.

It’s worth choosing a Santorini helicopter tour that lets you glide over the uninhabited island of Nea Kameni, known by locals as the Santorini volcano. After its last small eruption in 1950, it has some of the youngest land in the eastern Mediterranean. Seeing the volcano is a must when in Santorini… and all the better if you can enjoy it by helicopter!

As you fly over the Red Beach near the important archaeological site of Akrotiri, you’ll get to see even more of the island’s awe-inspiring geology. Let your pilot tell you about the caldera cliffs: the edges of the half-submerged volcano from thousands of years ago. For the most complete big-picture view of the island’s past and formation, it has to be from above. Be sure to view the cliffs from the water on our Santorini sunset cruise.

On the flight you’ll also get a closer look at the jewel of Santorini: the iconic village of Oia with its pristine white-washed houses and blue three-domed church.

As the helicopter reaches the west of the island, take in the luxurious traditional mansions of Megalochori, famed for its wealthy history of exporting the Vinsanto wine that the island still produces.

When you touch down, you’ll have seen the best of Santorini from the most memorable vantage point– the beautiful Greek sky…..


For the most iconic views of Santorini, choose a flight over Oia, the vineyards, and the volcanic islands.

We also recommend seeing the Red Beach and Nea Kameni (Santorini volcano), especially if you’d like to imagine the volcanic story of the island from above.

You can also choose to glide over Therasia, the sleepy island that was once united with Santorini before the volcanic eruption. With Nea Kameni between the two, you can imagine what the island might have looked like in ancient times. You can see all of these landmarks of Santorini on this 30-minute helicopter flight.

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