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COVID 19 Warning

Covid -19

The safety of our customers has always been our priority. We have been watching carefully all the updates on health and hygiene issues and we have been adapted to any change which is considered to be necessary for the safety of all of us.

Following the health protocol for the smooth function of the tourist agencies which were announced after the Covid19, we would like to announce the following measures:

  • Training and notification of our staff for the adherence of the new measures , the techniques of hand-washing and the correct use of all the means of personal care.
  • Written recording of the passengers at every vehicle for the correct management of any Covid19 case.
  • Placement of antiseptic fluids at the entrance of each vehicle.
  • Obligatory use of face masks for all of the passengers during the entire route.
  • Obligatory and continuous cleaning of the vehicle’s air after each transfer.
  • Thorough and full decontamination after each transfer as well as at the end of every day. Cleaning at the surfaces and often places of usual touching inside the vehicles.
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